Finance & Banking

Finance & Banking

Matters Group and our partners have extensive experience with financial and retail banking marketing program management. Today’s financial services customers are savvier, they do their research and aren’t looking for “$100 to open a checking account” messaging. They want to know the institution’s values align with theirs and they expect financial brands to be digital-first. 

The financial sector isn’t always viewed as the most cutting edge but the reality is different. Being in a heavily regulated industry has its burdens but from Wall Street to regionals, investments are being made in digital technology to better connect with and serve customers. 

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are making headway in bank operations. Whether it’s improved fraud prevention, streamlined application reviews, or developing new products, the financial sector is adopting technology quickly. Consumers have changed as well. The retail brand is no longer the consumer's primary touchpoint nor are ATMs. Consumers now expect a bank to deliver a full suite of services to both mobile and desktop devices. 

Our team has serviced multiple financial institutions with a variety of services to efficiently acquire customers, identify risks, and streamline operations. 

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Case Studies - Financial & Retail Banking

Case Study - Banner Bank

Reinvigorating a Regional Bank Stuck in a Marketing Rut The Challenge Banner Bank was then a $4.7 billion bank holding company founded in 1890 and headquartered in Washington State with roots serving...

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