Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

In our world - Marketing (digital or not) means effectively communicating to a targeted audience and getting them to respond. It means meeting the prospect or buyer where they are at, in a way that will mean something to them. In that moment. Period.

For a business, there is no shortage of advertising options. In fact, if you don't have a dedicated team - it's overwhelming for most organizations.  From basic banner ads to text-based search ads to rich media experiences, to video, to press releases, to podcasts, and more... there are numerous ways publishers and platforms will try to separate a brand from its budget.

Defining The Needs of the Market

Almost every professional marketer has heard this phrase:

“Does your client need a ¼” drill bit or a ¼” hole?” Ad Agency Admonition

To take the above a bit further – does your customer or client need a shallow hole or a deep one? Or one that they can put a big screw into to hold up a shelf?

Our purpose here is to illustrate that focusing on the actual result that you, your client, prospect or customer is looking to achieve is what matters. Not the tactic or tool used to achieve it.

At the Matters Group we believe that helping our clients define the results needed upfront is the key to helping them achieve the results needed in the end.

Digital Marketing Solutions

Our digital marketing solutions can include any number of activities. That said we focus on brand positioning, market research, campaign execution and program analytics. Typical digital marketing programs include some combination of the following tactics:

  • Paid Media: search ads (Google/Bing), display, social media ads, inbound marketing, lead generation, sponsored content and more that require media investments.
  • Earned Media: strategies and tactics to reach out to influencers, publishers, community building, and media relations.
  • Shared Media: organic social, content curation and distribution, social monitoring, and community building.
  • Owned Media: search engine optimization, content marketing, brand stories, email/newsletters, and multimedia content. 

In the 21st Century, It's Data First

Our approach places research and data-driven insights at the forefront of developing and launching a national brand or local campaign. Coupled with deep experience, precision plans and tactics are executed and resulting performance data analyzed and reinvested to improve program performance.

Your potential customers are exposed to hundreds of marketing messages a day that cross channels and devices. It is important to meet them where they are, using their language and develop messages that resonate with their values. Brands can no longer beat their audience over the head with repetitive feature and benefit statements. Your targeted audience and customer base now are equals in the dialog between buyer and seller. Organizations that do not realize this and adapt their marketing approach will not realize or achieve the results needed for success.

"A Job Worth Doing, Is Worth Doing Right."

The phrase is from noted "management guru" Hunter S. Thompson. Okay, perhaps it wasn't but Mr. Thompson did get credit for "Anything worth doing, is worth doing right." Then there was Philip Stanhope, 4th Earl of Chesterfield, who is credited with the phrase, "Whatever is worth doing at all, is worth doing well." Regardless of who'll get the credit, the bottom line is taking shortcuts leads to poor results, so we don't take them. At times this frustrates clients but we believe the results are worth the effort. And eventually clients come around when the results start coming in.

  • We don't cut corners.
  • We use a matrixed approach to develop solutions that own the sale from beginning to end.
  • We guide clients to an understanding of the bigger picture.
  • We’re going to go through each one of the steps with you – together. 
  • Selectively picking and choosing tactics because you're comfortable with them will get a result, but it's unlikely to be the results you need. 
  • In truth, because we are sticklers for doing it right. You may hate us a little bit - until you love us. 

Campaigns that matter — start with strategy. An effective marketing strategy for any business starts with knowing your customer. After the market research is conducted and the brand strategy laid out, we work with you to select the right messaging, channels, and tactics to reach your best audience. Measurement is essential to gauging effectiveness and something we take very seriously. Media and website analytics are critical tools in assessing performance and all that data means something.  We use the data as a tool to learn, refine and optimize to get the results you need.

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